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Den digitala revolutionen påverkar många aspekter

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 16 Aug 18 kl. 13:33

När vi pratar om den tekniska revolutionen som stort så är vi snabba med att ta upp vad den gjort för att förenkla människornas vardagsliv. Vi har nu maskiner som gör småsaker för oss som att göra kaffe ur en kapsel, dosera rätt mängd av tvättmedel beroende på hur mycket tvätt vi lägger i tvättmaskinen och vi har även en automatisk dammsugare och gräsklippare. Vad många dock inte lägger en tanke på är hur den digitala revolutionen gynnat spelmarknaden så mycket så nu förtiden blir vi nästan trötta på att se alla reklamer för onlinekasinon som går varma dagarna i ända.

Hello world!

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 23 Mar 18 kl. 10:06

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

HTC 10 Landing Unlocked in US

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 02 May 16 kl. 10:51

The HTC 10 is a very appealing smartphone, and it is now available in unlocked form in the United States, with the company saying it will arrive next week. The handset will ship during the week and it is excellent news for customers of AT&T. While Verizon and Sprint have confirmed the HTC 10, the second largest carrier in the country said it will not be carrying the smartphone.

LG G5 Launching in Canada, Landing April 8

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 09 Mar 16 kl. 02:13

LG has been quiet regarding the specific launch date of the G5 flagship, the modular designed smartphone that wowed us at the Mobile World Conference back in February. However, the company has now moved away from an “early April” timeframe and has said the G5 will makes its debut on April 8 in Canada. Sure, Canada is a strange launch nation, but we expect LG will update with other region launch dates that either match the Canadian roll out or even come before it.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Struggling for Traction

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 09 Mar 16 kl. 02:07

It is probably quite disappointing for Google to see that Android 6.0 Marshmallow is on just 2.3 per cent of all devices rocking the Android platform.

OnePlus Allows You to Buy Smartphones in Installments

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 08 Mar 16 kl. 02:31

OnePlus is well known for its affordable yet well spec’d smartphones, and probably delivers value for money like no other company. However, even the Chinese company is being hit by a changing of the carrier market in the United States and has responded with its own installment payment method to purchase its devices. Times are changing and while OnePlus is not part of carrier networks in the U.

Sony Updating Xperia Z3+ and Xperia Z4 Tablet to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 08 Mar 16 kl. 02:21

Sony is maintaining its solid history of updating a lot of smartphones and tablets to the newest Android versions with the launch of Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the Xperia Z3+ and Xperia Z4 Tablets. These are the two flagship products that were launched this time last year, with the Xperia Z3+ the mid-term smartphone flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Renders (Offical!)

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 01 Feb 16 kl. 13:12

Last year’s Galaxy S6 was Samsung overhauling its flagship range. It was a ground up build that aimed to change the company’s direction, something it succeeded in doing with its premium metal and glass construction. With that in mind, it was unlikely that Sammy would embark on a radical design shift again for the follow up Galaxy S7, and so it proves as these reportedly official renders prove.

LG Smart Notice Caused Security Flaw in G3 Flagship

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 01 Feb 16 kl. 13:09

LG’s Smart Notice is a nice idea that for the most part is badly executed because it never quite works how it should. LG has stuck with it though and the widget has been available on all the company’s smartphones over recent years. However, it seems at some point the frustrating software was actually flat out dangerous.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Landing on Feb. 21 at MWC

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 01 Feb 16 kl. 13:02

We have yet to get the 100% official confirmation on anything regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7, yet we still know everything about the upcoming flagship. We know how it looks, what specs it has, and we now even know when it will launch. It’s not much of a revelation from Evan Blass (notoriously accurate tipster) that the Galaxy S7 will make its strutting debut on the smartphone scene at the Mobile World Conference at the end of the month.

IDC: 1.44 Billion Smartphones Shipped in 2015

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 01 Feb 16 kl. 12:56

Smartphone sales a continuing their record breaking yearly trajectory says the IDC and the market is showing little signs of slowing, even though it should be. Indeed, considering around 25% of the world’s population now owns a smartphone, there seems to be little more room for growth. However, the nature of the smartphone market that sees consumers want to upgrade yearly still works hugely in its favor.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Coming to MWC

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 31 Jan 16 kl. 18:53

We have waited ever so long for Xiaomi to finally launch the Mi 5 flagship, and after a year it seems the Chinese company will be unveiling the device next month, with the handset due to be launched at MWC in Barcelona. To add fuel to the fire, a box that seems to be for the Xiaomi Mi 5 when it is sold at retail locations. As we know by now, and as the box suggests, the Mi 5 will be like all Xiaomi handsets and will only be launched in Asia.

Microsoft’s Hardware Slump Continues, 4.5 Million Lumia Sales in Q4

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 31 Jan 16 kl. 00:57

Microsoft has always struggled to become a major player in the mobile hardware market, and it seems no matter what the company does changing the situation may be impossible. Let’s look at the last quarter, which was the fourth of 2015, including the Christmas period, and was the first in which the company’s new Windows 10 Mobile platform and related handsets were launched. That seems like a recipe that could lead to some breakout success, after-all more consumers splash the cash during the holidays and Windows 10 Mobile is excellent, while the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL flagship are pretty spiffing too.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Getting Boosted Battery (17 Hours Video Playback)

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 31 Jan 16 kl. 00:47

There have been plenty regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Korean giant’s soon to be newest flagship smartphone. It looks like the company is conjuring another all-out masterpiece spliced with high end design and leading specs, the Galaxy S7 may also be at the higher limits of battery life expectations amongst its rivals. Eldar Murtazin, a solid source who typically nails rumors accurately, suggests that the Galaxy S7 will be offering 17 hours of video playback, or at least that is the number Samsung will be touting when it outs the S7.

HTC Confirms Marshmallow for Sprint One M8

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 31 Jan 16 kl. 00:37

If you are rocking the HTC One M8 on U.S. carrier Sprint, then you can now get Android 6.

Leaked Factory Render of Sony Xperia C6

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 31 Jan 16 kl. 00:31

Hands up if you liked the Xperia C5 Ultra? We did, the device was just a solid (admittedly expensive) mid-ranger with a sprinkling of high end goodness thanks to its interesting cameras and near bezel-less design. Sony is now working on the Xperia C6, which will be smaller than the 6-inch C5 Ultra, but will take inspiration from its design.

BlackBerry to Focus on Android Confirms Exec

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 31 Jan 16 kl. 00:16

In case you didn’t get the memo, BlackBerry makes devices for Android these says, and in fact it is looking increasingly likely that the company is now a full-time Android OEM. John Chen has already said that there will be no new BB10 (BlackBerry’s own platform) hardware in the near future, although the company will support devices already running the software. Now another BlackBerry executive has given the clearest indication that the company is focused on Android hardware from now on.

Samsung Shows Off Galaxy J1 (2016)

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 14 Jan 16 kl. 16:17

Samsung has ushered in the Galaxy J1 (2016) rather quietly, officially outing the handset at an event in Dubai. This budget device has little to do with the jet set billionaires of Dubai, but Samsung decided to launch the product in the desert nation anyway. As with the original Galaxy J1 last year, the 2016 edition is unlikely to make your eyes pop out in terms of its specs, but it is a solid entry level handset and actually looks pretty too.

Xiaomi Debuts Redmi Note 3

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 14 Jan 16 kl. 16:06

Chinese company Xiaomi has raised the curtain on the Redmi Note 3, a device that follows a similar path to all the company’s previous handsets. That means once again Xiaomi has managed to package a smartphone with plenty of quality features, but still with a price tag that puts numerous rivals to shame. It is a balancing act the company excels at.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 12 Jan 16 kl. 18:27

The new Samsung galaxy S7 is going to be introduced on the market soon, more precisely on the Samsung pre-MWC press event next February. Loads has been said about this device and its specs but we finally get to know it will have cutting edge specs. It will have an Exynos 8890 processor, which will make the device very fast, however there are rumours that say they will run a variant packing Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 too.

Motorola Now Moto, Changing Devices

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 12 Jan 16 kl. 18:09

It is public knowledge that Motorola is now Moto, Lenovo bought it a few years ago, of course the known brand still exists but Moto will be in charge of the design of their new smartphones and they are quite positive about the inmovation of the new devices for the United States market. "The smartphones will be more innovate and more atractive" according to Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang. What Yanquing says might be true, we all know Motorola has launched quite innovate fetaures in their smartphones over the last years, we are looking foward to see what Moto has to offer to the world of smartphones.

HTC One M10: All-Important Upcoming Flagship

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 12 Jan 16 kl. 00:58

HTC is doing an excellent job at keeping the One M10 smartphone flagship under wraps, considering the leak based industry that is mobile. The company’s upcoming device could be an all or nothing handset that aims to put the Taiwan giant back near the top, but more importantly for the consumer the M10 will hopefully see HTC return to its innovative best. Yes, there have been a number of false dawns or a resurgent HTC over the last year, but still we cannot help but have very high hopes for the M10, which is codenamed Perfume.

Motorola Updates DROID Turbo 2 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 15 Dec 15 kl. 15:47

The Motorola DROID Turbo 2 Employee Edition is getting updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, further highlighting that Motorola’s Marshmallow roll out is in full swing. The Employee Edition is the variant of the handset that is given to Verizon employees, the largest carrier in the United States offers the DROID Turbo 2 exclusively.

HTC One X9 Leaked

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 15 Dec 15 kl. 15:44

The HTC One X9 is a device we have heard plenty about, it will be a design oriented mid-range smartphone that is classic HTC but probably not enough to drag the company out of trouble. The One X9 passed through TENNA last month, so we know it will be launched soon, and today there is a leaked image of the smartphone to assess. As we said, classic HTC, which means a very eye catching smartphone, although we think the company’s design language is getting a little stale despite the obvious build quality and attention to detail still employed.

Nokia 230 is Microsoft’s New Feature Phone

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 25 Nov 15 kl. 22:07

A blast from the past, it is still amazing to think that mobile juggernaut Nokia is now longer really with us in a hardware capacity… until now. While Nokia helped to put the Windows platform on the map in recent years, the company is still best known for being the feature phone king, the best-selling mobile phone maker in the world during the 2000-2010 decade. The Finnish brand is now back with a new feature phone, the Nokia 230.

Xiaomi CEO Talks Up Delayed Mi 5 Flagship

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 25 Nov 15 kl. 22:04

Xiaomi has been delaying its Mi 5 flagship for what seems like an eternity. It has certainly been an eternity in smartphone flagship terms as the Mi 4 launched way back in the summer of 2014. To put that into perspective, most rival brands have release two new flagships since then, leaving Xiaomi’s Mi 4 looking just a bit dated.

Samsung Galaxy A7 close to Launch

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 25 Nov 15 kl. 21:58

Samsung is at work readying sequels for its entire Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 have passed through the FCC in the United States, while the Galaxy A8 and a new Galaxy A9 have both been the subject of leaks recently. Today, the Galaxy A7 has passed through Chinese regulatory body TENAA, which means it is nearing its launch.

LG Unveils the Ray with some Dodgy Advertising

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 25 Nov 15 kl. 21:52

LG likes to launch smartphone, much like its compatriot Samsung, and now the South Korean giant has rolled out the LG Ray, a modest entry level device that will be making its way Latin America and Commonwealth of Independent States countries. There is nothing really special here, although LG is clearly pushing this as a design oriented smartphone as the company says it is both slim and metallic. It is a head scratcher for sure as the Ray is neither slim (9.

Sony Xperia Z3+ Finally Makes it to U.S. Market

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 18 Nov 15 kl. 23:28

Sony’s smartphone strategy puzzles us. The company treats the U.S.

Amazon’s Black Friday Deal Announced

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 18 Nov 15 kl. 23:18

Amazon doesn’t really need Black Friday to run a deal, the online retail giant is always having offers, especially for mobile apps (really, every Android users should get Amazon’s Store for this reason alone). However, when Black Friday does come around Amazon goes suitably deal crazy, and 2015 will be no different judging by these announced offers. Discounts are not just limited to electronics, but if you are after a good deal on something from the mobile industry or electronics as a whole, here’s what Amazon is offering: 20 percent off on various Samsung Galaxy tablets $34.

Bin Lin Teases Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Pro ahead of Launch

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 18 Nov 15 kl. 23:13

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Pro is imminent, we know that much by the numerous benchmarks and leaks over the last weeks, while a TENAA certification last week sealed the deal for a November launch. That launch date is going to be November 24th and before the big unveiling, Xiaomi co-founder Bin Lin has teased the device once more. Using his Weibo social media page, the executive showed a handset that by now is very familiar.

Motorola Announces Design Oriented Moto X Pure Collection

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 18 Nov 15 kl. 23:07

Motorola has just revealed some new special edition smartphones that have been made in collaboration with New York based designer Jonathan Adler. The new Moto X Pure Collection offers consumers the recently launched Moto X Pure Edition with some new designs that will never be available through Motorola’s own Moto Maker pre-purchase customization suite. That makes these handsets unique, although we hardly see the design merit personally, but then that’s why we run a mobile oriented website and not a fashion one we guess.

Sony to Explore Manufacturing Own Processors

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 18 Nov 15 kl. 23:00

Sony has had plenty of success with its image sensors, which are market leading in their sector. The company could now be tempted to spread its component wings with a report today suggesting that the Xperia manufacturer is interested in making its own processors. Sony would be following in the footsteps as other mobile brands Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and LG.

Interesting UMi ROME, Metal and well Spec’d, yours for $90

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 18 Nov 15 kl. 22:50

Chinese brands usually tread the line between great value for money and just blatantly copying other companies, but the top manufacturers (Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, Meizu) typically infuse their own originality and have made an impact. However, copycats are still out there, so what is the UMi ROME, a copy of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, or a bargain smartphone that merely pays homage to Samsung’s phablet? We’ll let you decide that, but what is clear is that by aping Samsung’s recent flagship output UMi has been able to deliver a device that looks cool and is also made of metal.

ASUS Details Android 6.0 Marshmallow Roadmap

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 17 Nov 15 kl. 23:24

ASUS is finally making a mark on the smartphone market and to continue to do that consumers will want to feel taken care of. With that in mind, the Tiawanese company has today revealed its roadmap for Android 6.0 Marshmallow upgrade, with the Asus ZenFone 2, the Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe / Special Edition, the ZenFone 2 Laser, the ZenFone Selfie and the Asus Padfone S all getting the bump.

Nvidia Launches New Shield Tablet

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 17 Nov 15 kl. 23:15

Nvidia has raised the curtain on its new Shield Tablet K1 today, a follow up to the original K1 gaming oriented slate that arrive last year with bags of power. This time out Nvidia has trimmed some fat to achieve a very appealing cost of just $199, and for that you are really getting a lot of tablet and excellent gaming performance. Compared to last year, the new slate is $100 cheaper than the original K1 although there are not huge changes here, so this sequel is really Nvidia cutting the price and adding some extras.

HTC One M9 Purchases get free Desire 626 Today

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 17 Nov 15 kl. 23:07

HTC has quite the offer on in the United States at the moment, but you will need to be quick as the deal ends at the close of the day. The Taiwanese company is offering a free (read completely free) Desire 626 smartphone with every purchase of the flagship One M9. The One M9 is an excellent handset in most aspects, although it is not without its issues and has not been a sales success for HTC as previous iterations.

BlackBerry Sticking with Android, Developing Vienna

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 12 Nov 15 kl. 17:32

BlackBerry is now a car carrying member of the Android family and the Priv is selling well enough early in its life that the company is even casting an eye to the future. That future will be the company going back to a tired and tested form factor that served it so well before the uniqueness of the Priv (sliding screen unveiling a keyboard) and the Passport (massive square). The BlackBerry Vienna is a device in development that will be a QWERTY keyboard carrying handset that offers a svelte body next to the passport, and more conventional screen and deck design next to the Priv.

Wal-Mart going deal Crazy this Black Friday

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 12 Nov 15 kl. 17:18

Black Friday is imminent, which means retailers around the country will be offering huge deals on everything, including consumer electronics and smartphones. Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the United States, will be among those slashing prices on numerous products in the mobile sector. A leaked copy of the company’s Black Friday circular leaflet has leaked online.

Samsung Unveils Exynos 8 8890 Chip

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 12 Nov 15 kl. 16:38

Pop quiz. What is the fastest processor on the market? It’s the Samsung Exynos 7 7420 chipset that is found in the top five best benchmarked smartphones in 2015.