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Where the light gets in

Bokbloggar - 10 Oct 18 kl. 08:29

Fortsätt läs..

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Nintendo Super Mario Light-Up Wreath

GeekAlerts - 02 Dec 18 kl. 17:48

Christmas is a time for nostalgia, and for many of us, few things are more nostalgic than 8-bit gaming. If this sounds like you, this Nintendo Super Mario Light-Up Wreath will be right up your alley. There’re no branches or pine codes in this wreath, [...

Fallout Nuka-Cola Quantum Mood Light

GeekAlerts - 29 Nov 18 kl. 17:50

There are so many geeky mood lamps to choose from these days. There’s this new Fallout Nuka-Cola Quantum Mood Light, as well as the Infinity Gauntlet, Death Star, Overwatch Loot Box, and  Star Trek Phaser-Controlled Rock mood lamps. They’re all pretty cool, and it’s just [...

Darth Vader LED Light-Up Beanie

GeekAlerts - 02 Nov 18 kl. 13:17

Keep warm this winter with the Star Wars Darth Vader LED Light-Up Beanie. It looks really cool to start with, having a rather detailed Darth Vader helmet design embroidered in white into the black knit hat. Then just hit a hidden button, and the 28 [...

Overwatch Loot Box Mood Light

GeekAlerts - 28 Sep 18 kl. 02:08

Fans of Blizzard’s popular multiplayer first-person shooter will love this Overwatch Loot Box Mood Light. It recreates the look of the loot box from the game with incredible detail. Turn it on, and it looks just like a loot box from the game that is [...


Passion 4 baking - 29 Jul 18 kl. 17:57

Hi sweet readers♥ I hope you are having an awesome summer, the weather is amazing this summer. Summertime is when I work non stop because the light is so great, and I take advantage of that amazing light! I am already done with some great recipes for the rest of the year and even Christmas videos for [...

Star Trek Phaser-Controlled Rock Mood Light

GeekAlerts - 19 Jul 18 kl. 23:08

This Star Trek Phaser-Controlled Rock Mood Light is based on “The Enemy Within,” an episode from the first season of Star Trek The Original Series. In the show, the landing party is stuck on a planet and they survive the cold temperatures by heating rocks [...

Star Wars Stormtrooper Pendant Light

GeekAlerts - 17 Jul 18 kl. 22:59

This Star Wars Stormtrooper Pendant Light is an amazing accessory for any Star Wars themed room. It may seem ironic that an assault trooper for the Dark Side provides light to your room, but you have to admit that it looks incredible. Crafted out of [...

Toy Story Arch Enemies Light-Up Heels

GeekAlerts - 18 Jun 18 kl. 16:31

These Toy Story Arch Enemies Light-Up Heels may look pretty crazy, but if you take a look at some of the other shoes made by the same company, Irregular Choice, they fit right in. They’re the company behind other incredible shoe designs like the Star [...

Gamespot tar en titt på Dying Light 2 - 13 Jun 18 kl. 18:30

Och snackar med Techland Dying Light 2 presenterades på Microsofts E3-event och nu har Gamespot fått hänga med spelets chief creative director Adrian Ciszewski samt fått se lite mer gameplay från spelet. Bland annat pratas det om de tre grundpelarna i spelet, det vill säga parkour, dygnscykler och slagsmål, och hur Techland jobbat för att förbättrat spelet på dessa punkter. Dying Light 2 har ännu inget släppdatum, men kommer vara spelbart på Playstation 4, Xbox One och PC.

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