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Bokbloggar - 10 Oct 18 kl. 08:34

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Passion 4 baking - 09 Jan 19 kl. 19:21

Hi everyone; hope you all doing fine! Today I had the urge to make chocolate chip cookies, my favorite cookie.  I added some caramel candy that I had in my fridge after Christmas that I chopped up and added walnuts   This cookie is dangerously delicious, just saying!

Marvel Cookie Cutters

GeekAlerts - 30 Dec 18 kl. 14:54

These Marvel Cookie Cutters are an easy way to take your cookie making to the next level. It is a set of seven different designs that allow you to make some of the most popular Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, [...

Books on the tub

Bokbloggar - 03 Dec 18 kl. 10:39

The Cookie Book Tag

Bokbloggar - 06 Nov 18 kl. 07:00

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