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Star Wars Chewbacca Glomitts

GeekAlerts - 02 Jan 19 kl. 12:21

If you’re not a Wookiee, you don’t have a thick coat of fur to keep you warm in the winter. You need these Star Wars Chewbacca Glomitts. This pair of combination gloves / mittens looks great with Chewbacca’s signature bandolier design. However, the real reason [... Fortsätt läs..

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Lucasfilms vill inte se kapade lemmar i Jedi: Fallen Order - 18 Jun 19 kl. 14:00

Sparar kapning till speciella ögonblick I samband med E3 fick vi se lite mer gameplay från Respawn Entertainments kommande Star Wars-spel Jedi: Fallen Order. Något som var lite underligt under sekvensen var att Cals ljussabel verkade vara lite klen då den varken kapade lemmar eller skar itu kroppar, vilket varit möjligt i massvis med tidigare Star Wars-spel och sker även i filmerna. IGN:s Ryan McCaffrey pratade med Respawn Entertainment om varför lem-kapning i samband med sin hands on av spelet och fick kort och gott svaret att det var en "Lucas brand thing", men att lem-kapning sker vid vissa utvalda tillfällen i spelet.

Star Wars Bocce Ball Set

GeekAlerts - 17 Jun 19 kl. 05:48

Spend more time outdoors this summer with this wonderful Star Wars Bocce Ball Set that’s sure to provide endless entertainment for your friends and family. It comes with 4 Empire and 4 Rebel bocce balls along with a pallino ball and a zippered carrying case. [...

Star Wars R2-D2 Ceramic Sculpted Mug

GeekAlerts - 16 Jun 19 kl. 16:57

Although it is a coffee mug, the style of the Star Wars R2-D2 Ceramic Sculpted Mug makes it go with cold drinks, like shakes and smoothies. Either would work fine, as this mug is made out of ceramic, and it’s generous 20-ounce capacity means plenty [...

Han Solos Star Wars-karriär på en minut - 15 Jun 19 kl. 09:30

Mer Galaxy of Adventures Här har vi det senaste avsnittet från YouTube-serien Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures Thief. I detta klipp får vi följa Han Solos resa genom Star Wars-filmerna på en minut. io9.

Hur gör man ett bra Star Wars-spel? - 13 Jun 19 kl. 10:30

Fem viktiga punkter Polygon har släppt en ny video där det pratas om Star Wars-spel och mer specifikt vad det är som gör spelen till bra Star Wars-spel. Läs vidare och kommentera: https://feber.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Trailer

GeekAlerts - 12 Jun 19 kl. 15:57

Very recently we saw the Gameplay Demo and now comes the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Trailer. They say that the game let’s you become a Jedi and it looks very promising. As this trailer shows, there is action packed lightsaber combat, Force powers, [...

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga täcker alla nio filmer - 10 Jun 19 kl. 16:15

Släpps nästa år LEGO Gaming-gänget fick lite strålkastarljus under Microsofts E3-konferens och passade då på att presentera det sprillans nya LEGO Star Wars-spelet The Skywalker Saga. Som namnet avslöjar så kommer spelet låta dig spela igenom hela Skywalker-berättelsen som berättats i de nio Star Wars-episoderna med en mer charmig och humoristiskt ton. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga kommer släppas nästa år till PC, PS4, Xbox One och Nintendo Switch.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Demo

GeekAlerts - 09 Jun 19 kl. 07:43

Some are calling this a trailer, but at over 13 minutes long the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Demo is more of a walkthrough with lots of unedited gameplay footage. (The Reveal Trailer came out in April.) Between incredible battles using your lightsaber, you’ll [...

13 minuter Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order - 08 Jun 19 kl. 19:00

Gameplay och allt Precis som utlovat bjöd EA på lite gameplay från Respawns kommande Stjärnornas krig-spel Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Om du missade livessändningen så kan du se själva gameplay-delen i repris i klippet ovan. I klippet får vi se spelets huvudkaraktär, Cal Kestis, besöka Wookie-planeten Kashyyyk där han träffar Saw Gerrera från Rogue One.

Spana in EAs EA Play på E3 2019 - 08 Jun 19 kl. 17:15

Star Wars, Apex: Legends men ingen Anthem Om cirka en timme (18:15) kommer EA dra igång sin liveström för EA Play 2019. Under ett antal timmar kommer de visa diverse grejer från deras kommande spelbibliotek. Det som kanske är mest spännande här är Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order som EA kommer visa gameplay från klockan 18:30.

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Millennium Falcon Operations Manual Purse

GeekAlerts - Igår: 18:01

At first glance at this Millennium Falcon Operations Manual Purse, people could mistake it for an actual book. And what better book to have, if you want to keep a piece of junk operating and maybe even install some special modifications, than the Millennium Falcon [...

Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

GeekAlerts - Igår: 17:50

This Fruit Keg Tapping Kit is an awesome way to make your summertime parties and backyard barbecues more fun.  Don’t get the wrong idea—you can’t just pop this tap on a watermelon and drink the juice. Instead, it is a kit that allows you to [...

Batman Batwing Poseable Desk Light

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 18:20

This awesome new Batman Batwing Poseable Desk Light is reminiscent of that incredible TIE Fighter Poseable Desk Lamp. It’s quite adjustable, so you can shine light on whatever you are working on or reading, but the main feature is that the lampholder looks just like [...

Stranger Things 3 – Final Trailer

GeekAlerts - 21 Jun 19 kl. 05:31

We already saw the Official Trailer and the Summer in Hawkins Trailer, but this new Stranger Things 3 – Final Trailer shows how exciting Season 3 will be. It premieres July 4, 2019, on Netflix. Watch the Stranger Things 3 – Final Trailer from Netflix: [...

Toy Story 4 Woody Boots

GeekAlerts - 20 Jun 19 kl. 17:34

Those Buzz Lightyear Sneakers are a lot of fun, but these Toy Story 4 Woody Boots show you’re serious. They’re officially licensed by Disney Pixar and clearly show they are inspired by Sheriff Woody’s cowboy boots from Toy Story. In fact, they even have “Andy” [...

Nintendo Game Boy Air Freshener

GeekAlerts - 20 Jun 19 kl. 17:25

Hopefully, your car isn’t as old as your Game Boy, but chances are it’s old enough to have lost that new car smell. Add a bit of nostalgia, and a sweet strawberry scent, to your car with the Nintendo Game Boy Air Freshener. Now you’re [...

20% Off Game of Thrones at HBO Shop

GeekAlerts - 20 Jun 19 kl. 17:01

Game of Thrones’ Final Season may have come to an end, but they still have tons of great merchandise. Score it for less by shopping now when you can Save Up to 20% Off Game of Thrones at HBO Shop. To save, simply go to [...

Wonder Woman Studded Varsity Jacket

GeekAlerts - 20 Jun 19 kl. 07:37

You might not officially be a superhero, but you always look out for those around you and aren’t afraid to use a tiara as a weapon when justice calls. Sounds like you deserve to wear this Wonder Woman Studded Varsity Jacket. Officially licensed by DC, [...

Mickey Mouse Gummy Treat Maker

GeekAlerts - 19 Jun 19 kl. 19:29

If the kids are already bored this summer, give them something fun to do with the Mickey Mouse Gummy Treat Maker. They’ll love making their own gummy candies and you’ll love eating them. Actually, this Mickey Mouse treat maker isn’t just for gummies, it can [...

Marvel Iron Man Fragrance

GeekAlerts - 19 Jun 19 kl. 19:19

You may be a few million short of being a billionaire, but you’re an attractive genius like Tony Stark. You even smell like him, thanks to this Marvel Iron Man Fragrance. This eau de toilette comes in a generous 3.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Launch Trailer

GeekAlerts - 19 Jun 19 kl. 06:34

In just a few days, the augmented reality game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released. While it doesn’t show gameplay until some brief snippets at the end, this cinematic Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Launch Trailer should get you excited for your chance to [...

Captain America Shield Pool Float

GeekAlerts - 18 Jun 19 kl. 18:40

Why have an ordinary pool toy, when you can ride on the Captain America Shield Pool Float? It would definitely be a hit at a summer pool party, especially on the Fourth of July. This red, white, and blue pool float is designed like The [...

The Boys – Official Trailer

GeekAlerts - 18 Jun 19 kl. 18:27

If you’re interested in a unique take on the superhero genre, you’ll want to take a look at The Boys – Official Trailer. Just be warned, this is a Red Band trailer, with some graphic violence and foul language. Based on the best-selling comics of [...

Death Star Cheeseboard Set

GeekAlerts - 18 Jun 19 kl. 06:45

Serve up snacks fine enough for the emperor himself with the Death Star Cheeseboard Set. It may look like a small moon, but the detailed rendering on this split-level cheeseboard is actually the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station, also known as the Death Star. Made from [...