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Reader problems booktag

Bokbloggar - 12 Jul 18 kl. 07:38

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'We immigrants mustn't silence problems of gender inequality'

Nyhetspressen - 19 Jun 18 kl. 06:59

Foreign-born men in Sweden need to do more to tackle gender inequality, and that means talking about masculinity and hierarchies rather than keeping quiet or trying to recreate the society we come from, argues Vladimir F Ahmed, who has set up a charity that aims to do just that..

Drug use increases at Stockholm bars: survey

Nyhetspressen - 23 Mar 18 kl. 07:34

The use of drugs among both guests and staff at Stockholm's bars is increasing, according to a new report from research centre STAD (Stockholm prevents alcohol and drug problems)..

I’m the Reader-tag

Bokbloggar - 11 Mar 18 kl. 21:02

I’m the reader-tag

Bokbloggar - 09 Mar 18 kl. 09:01

Reader problems book tag

Bokbloggar - 28 Mar 17 kl. 22:31

Reader Problems book tag

Bokbloggar - 28 Mar 17 kl. 14:04

Reader Problems Book Tag

Bokbloggar - 28 Mar 17 kl. 07:07

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