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Giant Days, vol 1 av Allison, Treiman och Cogar

Bokbloggar - 05 Apr 18 kl. 09:00

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My favorite Chocolate Sheet Cake with milk chocolate frosting.

Passion 4 baking - 17 Jun 18 kl. 20:34

Hi everyone It has been some days that I posted a recipe,  I have been busy with planning a party for my Youngest son graduation. Just needed to focus on that and I definitely needed some days off from baking after the party!  Today I made my favorite chocolate sheet cake, topped with a gooey milk chocolate frosting, it [...

Giant Microbes Plush Gift Box Sets

GeekAlerts - 15 Jun 18 kl. 06:44

We’ve seen plenty of cool Giant Microbes Plushes over the years, but these new Giant Microbes Plush Gift Box Sets may be the best yet. Each of these sets come with 4 or 5 tiny plush toys that are based on what the microorganism actually [...

Days Gone släpps 22 februari - 07 Jun 18 kl. 17:20

Släppdatum spikat! Sony har äntligen bekräftat när vi kommer kunna lira Days Gone och det kommer ske i februari. 22 februari för att vara exakt.

Giant Inflatable Blue Whale

GeekAlerts - 31 May 18 kl. 15:05

Summer time in the pool just got a lot more fun with the Giant Inflatable Blue Whale. At almost 12 feet long, it is absolutely humongous. It has four handles and can support up to 3 kids at once with a 200 pound weight capacity.

Giant Yard Dice

GeekAlerts - 24 May 18 kl. 02:12

Memorial Day weekend is coming, and these Giant Yard Dice could provide a fun activity for your backyard barbecue. Compete in family dice games with these jumbo dice that are hand made from solid pine wood. The pips are hot iron branded into all six [...

Giant Inflatable Outdoor Twister Game

GeekAlerts - 25 May 18 kl. 15:24

Memorial Day weekend is here, which for many people means backyard barbecues or picnics at a park. Maybe you’ll toss a frisbee or throw around a football, but imagine how much fun this Giant Inflatable Outdoor Twister Game can be (especially after knocking back a [...

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