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Giant Days, vol 1 av Allison, Treiman och Cogar

Bokbloggar - 05 Apr 18 kl. 09:00

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Rick and Morty Giant Inflatable Pickle Rick

GeekAlerts - 2 timmar sedan

You’ll never be lonely if you have this Rick and Morty Giant Inflatable Pickle Rick to keep you company. He’s big enough to sit with you while you binge watch Rick and Morty. In fact, when they say “giant” they mean it, because this big [...

Kalmarson räddades av Nobelpristagarnas medicin

Nyhetspressen - 06 Oct 18 kl. 05:00

Nobelpriset i fysiologi och medicin går i år till James P Allison och Tasuku Honjo för deras upptäckt av en ny cancerbehandling. Behandlingen har redan räddat många – Johan Bjurström, som är uppväxt i Kalmar, är en av dem. .

Giant Water Spraying Elephant

GeekAlerts - 20 Aug 18 kl. 12:35

When it’s hot outside, kids love to run through lawn sprinklers. But after a long hot summer, running through an ordinary sprinkler is, well ordinary. Bring some excitement to the backyard fun with this Giant Water Spraying Elephant.

Five challenges Ikea faces as it opens in India

Nyhetspressen - 09 Aug 18 kl. 07:19

As Ikea opens its first store in India on Thursday following years of delays, here are five challenges the Swedish furniture giant will face while trying to navigate a difficult local market..

Here's what's in store for Indian shoppers at Ikea

Nyhetspressen - 08 Aug 18 kl. 13:56

Ikea's second attempt to break into a vast market will meet the 'needs, frustrations and dreams' of local customers, the Swedish furniture giant's boss has promised..

Giant Party Island Unicorn Float

GeekAlerts - 05 Aug 18 kl. 05:41

Enjoy a day on the water with up to 5 other people in this Giant Party Island Unicorn Float. Calling this a pool toy would be a misnomer because it is too huge for a typical swimming pool. Standing 10 foot tall and with the capacity [...

Call of Duty: WWII – Days of Summer Event

GeekAlerts - 03 Aug 18 kl. 07:30

Watch the Call of Duty: WWII – Days of Summer Event Trailer to see what is available in this event that is back through August 28, 2018. Highlights include a sandbox map, new weapons, special gear, new game modes, and a community challange. This sandbox [...

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