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Clue: Riverdale Edition Board Game

GeekAlerts - 09 Nov 18 kl. 14:34

When you take one of the best classic board games and transform it using the characters, setting, and theme of one of your current favorite movies, TV shows, or comic books, it makes it so much better. For example, take Deadpool Collector’s Edition Monopoly, Rick [... Fortsätt läs..

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Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game

GeekAlerts - 12 Jul 19 kl. 18:02

Play as John McClane or one of the bad guys in Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game. Using a deck of cards and a map of Nakatomi Plaza (the name of the high rise building from the original Die Hard) one player, as John [...

OnePlus 6 och 6T får skärminspelning och juni månads patch - Allt om Google Android - 03 Jul 19 kl. 09:43

De som har en OnePlus 6 eller 6T kommer snart att erhålla en uppdatering till OxygenOS 9.0.7 respektive 9.

Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection

GeekAlerts - 30 Jun 19 kl. 13:57

Since the television series is over, you will soon be able to get the complete Game of Thrones on Blu-ray. The high-end option is the limited edition Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection. It features amazing packaging and exclusive content.

LEGO-bilar kommer till Forza Horizon 4 - 10 Jun 19 kl. 13:00

Lite fyrkantigare bilar Tidigare i år fick Playground Games/Xbox Game Studios racingspel Forza Horizon 4 ett Final Fantasy-läge och nu kommer det snart även en LEGO-expansion till spelet. I expansionen "Lego Speed Champions" kommer Forza-spelare att kunna köra omkring med LEGO-bilar i spelet och det kommer även gå att köra traditionella bilar på banor uppbyggda av LEGO i spelet. Ni hittar trailern till expansionen här nedanför.

Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks Edition Yahtzee Game

GeekAlerts - 07 Jun 19 kl. 16:13

America’s favorite dice game just got more fun with the Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks Edition Yahtzee Game. It includes an eager-to-please Mr.

Google visar upp ny version av Google Glass - 21 May 19 kl. 10:30

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 kommer att köra Android Google verkar vara långt ifrån klara med att utforska augmented reality och nu har man presenterat en ny version av sina AR-brillor Google Glass. Precis som de senaste versionerna av Google Glass så riktar sig även Glass Enterprise Edition 2 till företag som vill använda augmented reality på olika sätt i sin verksamhet. Till skillnad från sina föregångare, som körde operativsystemet Glass OS, en modifierad version av Android, så kommer den nya versionen av Google Glass att köra Android fullt ut.

Hur det är att inte titta på Game of Thrones - 13 May 19 kl. 12:00

You should have watched! Avslutningen av Game of Thrones är bara några dagar bort och troligtvis har ni ett veckomöte i början av veckan där ni diskuterar vad som hänt i det senaste avsnittet av serien. Och förhoppningsvis behandlar ni folk som inte tittar på Game of Thrones lite bättre än folket i videon ovan.

Adventure Time Limited Edition Guitar

GeekAlerts - 11 May 19 kl. 15:16

If you want a unique six string, look no further than this limited edition Adventure Time Limited Edition Guitar. Produced by a partnership with ASG Guitars, Cartoon Network, and Toronto-based illustrator Jason Edmiston, this electric guitar is beautifully crafted and features a whimsical Adventure Time [...

Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents Party Game

GeekAlerts - 10 May 19 kl. 17:21

If you’re looking for some Positive Energy at your next game night, check out the Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents Party Game. It’s the perfect game to turn to when things have gotten a bit too intense and competitive. In the Bob Ross: Happy Little [...

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Trailer

GeekAlerts - 13 timmar sedan

This Thanksgiving, Tom Hanks will be portraying Mister Rogers in a new film that you can preview now in this A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Trailer. This film, from director Marielle Heller, is based on the true story of Fred Rogers and journalist Tom [...

Snowpiercer – Official Trailer

GeekAlerts - Igår: 07:04

While the 2013 film Snowpiercer (starring  Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, and Tilda Swinton) had a limited theatrical release and a really low domestic box office total, it was critically acclaimed (95% on Rotten Tomatoes) and is considered a cult classic. Perhaps that’s why TBS has [...

The Expanse Season 4 – Teaser Trailer

GeekAlerts - Igår: 06:45

Season 4 of The Expanse will premiere on Amazon Prime on December 13, 2019, but you can check out the new The Expanse Season 4 Teaser Trailer now. Watch The Expanse Season 4 – Teaser Trailer from Amazon Prime Video: Coming December 13, 2019, only [...

The Flash Comic-Con 2019 Sizzle

GeekAlerts - Igår: 05:31

In promotion of the upcoming Season 6, The CW released this The Flash Comic-Con 2019 Sizzle Video. The new season will premiere on The CW on October 8, 2019, with free streaming available the next day on The CW App. Watch The Flash Comic-Con 2019 [...

Harley Quinn Animated Series Preview

GeekAlerts - Igår: 05:04

If you like DC animated series and Harley Quinn, check out this DC Universe Harley Quinn Animated Series Preview. This series is coming to DC Universe, the subscription service with “unlimited access to exclusive original DC series, animated movies, select legendary films and TV shows, [...

Funko Pop! Office Space Sticky Note Man

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 06:23

While it seems that most of us at GeekAlerts think that Milton is the best character from Office Space, this exclusive Funko Pop! Office Space Sticky Note Man Figure looks totally awesome. It’s from the Office Space movie poster that had an office worker with [...

Watchmen – Official Comic-Con Trailer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 06:07

Today HBO released the Watchmen Official Comic-Con Trailer, the followup to the Teaser Trailer from last May. This television series, which will debut in October on HBO, is based on Alan Moore’s acclaimed graphic novel as remixed by showrunner Damon Lindelof. See the Watchmen Official [...

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Sneak Peek

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 03:30

At Comic-Con 2019 Netflix offered this Sneak Peek at The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and it looks like this new series by director Louis Leterrier and executive producer Lisa Henson stays true to Jim Henson’s vision. It will premiere on Netflix on August 30, [...

Star Trek: Picard – Comic Con Trailer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 01:16

If you saw the Teaser Trailer back in May, you’ll remember it didn’t show much besides for Captain Jean-Luc Picard on a vineyard. Although this Star Trek: Picard Comic-Con Trailer kicks off with more footage of the vineyard, fortunately, it goes on to show a [...

Star Trek: Short Treks – Comic Con Trailer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 00:55

Star Trek: Short Treks will be returning to CBS All Access with six new shorts, which you can preview in the Star Trek: Short Treks Comic-Con Trailer below. They also released the titles of the six shorts: Children of Mars The Girl Who Made the [...

Westworld Season 3 – Official Comic-Con Trailer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 00:42

While we already had a Teaser Trailer back in May, this Westworld Season 3 Official Comic-Con Trailer shows a lot more of the varied action that will happen in the upcoming season of Westworld. No official release date has been announced yet, but Westworld Season [...

Rick and Morty Season 4 – First Look

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 00:19

You can rest assured that a new season of Rick and Morty is on the way, and even watch this Rick and Morty Season 4 First Look Video to prove it. It features Morty and his dad Jerry fighting with an alien app developer named [...

neXt – Official Comic-Con 2019 Trailer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 00:05

At Comic-Con 2019 FOX released the neXt Official Trailer, which you can watch below. This TV series, from creator and executive producer Manny Coto, who is known for “24: Legacy,” is a pulse-pounding action thriller about a rogue artificial intelligence and the agents that fight [...

The Witcher – Teaser Trailer (Netflix)

GeekAlerts - 20 Jul 19 kl. 08:28

The Witcher TV series is coming soon to Netflix, and now you can see The Witcher Teaser Trailer. Like the video game series, this television series is based on the popular novel series The Witcher by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Henry Cavill stars as Geralt [...

The Walking Dead Season 10 Comic-Con Trailer

GeekAlerts - 20 Jul 19 kl. 08:09

Today at Comic-Con, AMC dropped this The Walking Dead Season 10 Trailer and unveiled that the new season will premiere on October 6, 2019. They had showrunner Angela Kang on stage in Hall H along with executive producers Dave Alpert, Gale Anne Hurd, Robert Kirkman, [...