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Aquaman Extended Video

GeekAlerts - 06 Oct 18 kl. 14:27

You’ve already seen the impressive Aquaman Trailer, now watch the even better Aquaman Extended Video. I guess because the running length is over 5 minutes, they didn’t want to call it the Aquaman Trailer #2. Watch the Aquaman Extended Video from Warner Bros. Fortsätt läs..

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Dolph Lundgrens döttrar hyllas efter framträdandet

Nyhetspressen - 01 Dec 18 kl. 17:50

Svenska Hollywoodstjärnan Dolph Lundgren spelar en av huvudrollerna i nya storfilmen "Aquaman".På premiären i London hade skådespelaren med sina två döttrar – som han passar på att hylla."Var en stolt pappa i går kväll med mina två underbara döttrar" skriver Dolph Lundgren till en bild med döttrarna på Instagram..

Aquaman Movie Keychain

GeekAlerts - 24 Nov 18 kl. 16:40

Aquaman will be in theaters soon, but you can show your respect for the Trident of Neptune by getting your own Aquaman Movie Keychain today. This shiny gold keychain features the Aquaman logo as well as the Trident of Neptune in a detailed, yet pocket-sized, rendition. [...

Ordentlig trailer för Aquaman - 05 Oct 18 kl. 20:55

En riktigt lång sådan I samband med New York Comic Con har Warner Bros släppt en riktigt ordentlig trailer för Aquaman som visar hela fem minuter nytt material från den kommande filmen. Aquaman har premiär 21 december. Läs vidare och kommentera: https://feber.

Aquaman Official Trailer

GeekAlerts - 07 Aug 18 kl. 08:37

If you thought Shazam felt more like a Marvel production than DC, you’ll probably feel the same after watching the Aquaman Official Trailer. It combines breathtaking visuals, energetic action sequences, massive scope, and humorous interludes. Although $160 million (the reported budget for Aquaman) isn’t small [...

Lite tramsigare version av Aquaman-trailern - 31 Jul 18 kl. 16:45

Med klipp från tecknade serien Man ska vara seriös, men om man inte vill vara det så kan man återskapa Aquaman-trailern med klipp från den tecknade Aquaman-serien från 60-talet. Läs vidare och kommentera: http://feber.

Första trailern till Aquaman släpps - 22 Jul 18 kl. 15:05

Går upp biograferna i december Under helgens Comic-con i San Diego har Warner Bros. släppt den första trailer till deras kommande DC Comics-film Aquaman. I den nästan två och en halv minut långa trailer får vi kolla in när Jason Momoa som Aquaman köttar loss på sina fiender både ovan och under ytan.

Aquaman byter transportmedel i kommande film - 19 Jul 18 kl. 08:15

Sjöhästen får stå tillbaka för en sjödrake DC Comics superhjälte Aquaman brukar traditionellt sett ta sig fram på en sjöhäst när han befinner sig i vattnet men i den kommande Aquaman-filmen ser det ut som om man biffat upp denna sjöhäst lite. Som synes på konceptbilden ovan så påminner "sjöhästen" i Aquaman-filmen mer om en drake än någon söt lite sjöhäst. Aquaman med Jason Momoa i huvudrollen har premiär 21 december.

Justice League Aquaman Statue

GeekAlerts - 02 Dec 17 kl. 21:43

Arthur Curry has a point (or five) to make with the Justice League Aquaman Statue. Standing approximately 35-inches tall and based on Jason Momoa’s portrayal of the character in Justice League, Aquaman stands on a detailed base, wearing his green and gold armor, his quindent [...

Justice League Aquaman One:12 Collective Action Figure

GeekAlerts - 28 Nov 17 kl. 03:39

The future king of Atlantis is ready to come home with you as the Justice League Aquaman One:12 Collective Action Figure. Based on Jason Momoa’s portrayal of the character in Justice League, this highly-detailed figure, with over 30 points of articulation, features Arthur Curry AKA [...

Justice League Aquaman Trident Raglan Shirt

GeekAlerts - 31 Mar 17 kl. 21:34

Forget king of the seas. Arthur Curry is the king of the tees with the Justice League Aquaman Trident Raglan Shirt. We’re talking about the comic book version of Aquaman here instead of the Jason Momoa version but DC Comics’ underwater hero is still looking [...

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Funko Pop! Holiday Deadpool with Candy Canes

GeekAlerts - 9 timmar sedan

Have the Merc with a Mouth add some Christmas spirit to your collectibles shelf with this Funko Pop! Holiday Deadpool with Candy Canes. It features Deadpool wielding dual candy canes instead of twin katanas.

Die Hard Christmas Party T-Shirt

GeekAlerts - 10 timmar sedan

You may be shocked to discover that some people don’t consider Die Hard the best Christmas film of all time. In fact, some people don’t even think it’s a Christmas movie! You won’t see them wearing this awesome Die Hard Christmas Party T-Shirt!

30% Off Sitewide + 50% Off Holiday BoxLunch Sale

GeekAlerts - 10 timmar sedan

Cross the rest of the names off your Christmas shopping list while you can save big with the 30% Off Sitewide + 50% Off Holiday BoxLunch Sale. Not only is it the perfect time to shop because of the discounts, but it is also the [...

Nintendo Game Boy Watch

GeekAlerts - 11 timmar sedan

Now you’re playing with power—portable power—with the Nintendo Game Boy Watch! Basically, you take the original Nintendo Game Boy and shrink it way down. Then you get rid of all those fun games you used to play and replace them with a time and date.

Harry Potter Hagrid’s Lantern

GeekAlerts - 23 timmar sedan

This Harry Potter Hagrid’s Lantern looks amazing and would be a perfect mood light for a desk or nightstand. The warm light cast from the flickering LED candle could be comforting and reassuring as you unwind from the stresses of the day. Rubeus Hagrid is, [...

Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor Trench Coat

GeekAlerts - Igår: 17:41

If you’ve been watching Doctor Who: Series 11, you’re familiar with the Thirteenth Doctor, the series first ever female Doctor. You can dress just like her, with the help of this Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor Trench Coat. Featuring a hood, two waist pockets, and an internal [...

Star Wars Ewok Christmas Sweater

GeekAlerts - Igår: 14:29

Celebrate like the rebels on Endor after the victory over the Empire at your next office holiday party with this Star Wars Ewok Christmas Sweater. Yub Nub! This acrylic sweater is mainly black and red and loaded with ewoks decked out in Christmas garb.

Deadpool Chia Pet

GeekAlerts - Igår: 05:58

The Merc with a Mouth is different than most superheroes, just as this Deadpool Chia Pet is different than most Chia Pets. And by different, we mean better. As in, totally badass.

Marvel Thor Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 13:45

  You can possess the power to make meat tender and delicious with the Marvel Thor Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer. You’ll feel like a superhero every time you beat your meat with this mallet and then feel like a god as you feast on tender steak [...

Return of the Jedi Rebellious Rescue Ornament

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 13:23

This year Hallmark has some fantastic Christmas ornaments for Star Wars fans, such as the Death Star, Millennium Falcon, R2-D2, and X-Wing Ornaments. It isn’t just characters and starships either, they also have ones like this Return of the Jedi Rebellious Rescue Ornament that commemorate [...

30% Off Star Wars Sale at ThinkGeek

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 13:05

Mark some items off your Christmas list and buy a few things for yourself while you can save with the 30% Off Star Wars Sale at ThinkGeek. There are hundreds of amazing items to choose from including merchandise with all your favorite characters like Darth [...

25% Off Game of Thrones Merchandise

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 12:40

For a limited time, Save 25% Off Game of Thrones Merchandise at BoxLunch. There are 95 awesome items to choose from, including Game of Thrones edition board games like Monopoly and Clue, signed collectibles, steins, mugs, handbags, backpacks, Funk Pop! figures, clothing, and more.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 08:47

Today Blizzard kicked off the annual season event, Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018. It isn’t simply a rehash of last year’s event, although Yeti Hunter and Mei’s Snowball Offensive are back, because there are all new seasonal items to unlock. In fact, there are new legendary skins [...

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Green Army Men Christmas Trailer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 05:39

If you loved the old Army Men games from 3DO or wanted to be one of the green army men from Toy Story, you need to check out the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Green Army Men Christmas Trailer. Available for free to anyone that [...

Funko Pop! Lock Shock & Barrel Bathtub Figure

GeekAlerts - 11 Dec 18 kl. 15:16

Fan’s of The Nightmare Before Christmas will want to get their hands on this exclusive Funko Pop! Lock Shock & Barrel Bathtub Figure. It’s Funko Pop!