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[The Book Pond] Totally Tudor

Bokbloggar - 09 Aug 13 kl. 12:45

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Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Book and Mega Model

GeekAlerts - 13 Feb 19 kl. 17:01

The only thing more fun than reading all about the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs is building your own model of it, and you can do both with the Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Book and Mega Model. Once constructed, [...

The Hello Kitty Baking Book

GeekAlerts - 07 Feb 19 kl. 15:34

If you think Hello Kitty is sweet, then just wait until you taste some of the treats in The Hello Kitty Baking Book! It’s loaded with baking recipes that are simple to make, yet possess Hello Kitty’s signature charm. Written by Michele Chen Chock, this [...

Kritgubben av C.J. Tudor

Bokbloggar - 04 Feb 19 kl. 07:56

Review: The Book of Life

Bokbloggar - 03 Feb 19 kl. 13:23

Book Haul Januari

Bokbloggar - 31 Jan 19 kl. 14:00


Passion 4 baking - 31 Jan 19 kl. 13:50

Hi Everyone! if you are a fan of chocolate cupcakes and ganache you might want to give this recipe a try! If you have my English baking book Love Manuela, You find this recipe on page 146 and I know many of you have already made this from my book and told me how much [...

Januari book haul | 2019

Bokbloggar - 30 Jan 19 kl. 07:02

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